Noble Arts Entertainment was founded in 2012, by some students of Government Bilingual High School Bamenda. At the time of Inception the main aim was to create a platform for young people to showcase their talents and be better at what they love to do. With its first ever president Simeon Dan and Vice president Awasum Edna Mabel Noble Arts Entertainment shot their first movie “REDEEMING THE TIME” which was never released to the public which starred actors like Fungwa Godisma, Kitio Romaric, Edna Mabel just to name a few. Due to the set backs and lack of finances Noble Arts Entertainment went low key for about 6 months. Many say Noble Arts actually collapsed, but by the end of 2013 the leadership of Noble Arts Entertainment changed with Menkemndi Randy as President and Fungwa Godisma as Vice president. They led Noble Arts Entertainment into registering with the ministry of arts and culture with the registration number Ref No.C6/023/61.MINAC/RDAC/E/NW, and later on the production of their first short films “AWAY FROM HOME” “DIFFERENT YET SIMILAR” “CHANGE” written by Njoke Raisa and directed by Menkemndi Randy, which were submitted for the plural+ Youth Video film festival but didn’t make it to the final selection. Over the years Noble Arts Entertainment has organized over 50 events in and out of the North west ranging from Theatre shows in villages like Bawock, Bali and Batibo in the North West Region of Cameroon to big award events like “ALMOST A NIGHT AWARDS” which brought together over 500 people in its second edition in 2017, Movie premieres, Talent shows, seminars on peace building, Volunteerism, Talent and professionalism. Furthermore Noble Arts has trained over 500 young people in theatre and film making for development, earning it the best theatre troupe award in 2016 of the North West Region. In addition Noble Arts Entertainment won best short film at the PEACE IN THE STREETS film festival in America in 2016 with the film “PATH FOUNDER” written by Mbi Vanessa. With a redefinition of the vision of Noble Arts Entertainment in 2017, from not just a group to develop the talents of young people, but to a full time entertainment company and social enterprise providing entertainment solutions to other companies, Noble Arts Entertainment expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of entertainment services and products. The company plans to build a strong position in the North West Region of Cameroon, Cameroon and the entire Central African region due to the industry experience and mild competitive climate in the area.

Noble Arts Entertainment aims to provide top quality movies and music and apply deep connections in every market it serves to create superior value for our stakeholders and to train entertainers with the tools they need to better understand both the challenges and complexities embedded in the global marketplace. The company intends to hire full time as well as freelance video editors, sound engineers, Camera operators as well as story writers, actors, a human resource manager, marketing manager, and Public Relations Manager to manage all social media handles to manage and handle day to day transactions and operations.

With services like brand launching, brand ambassadorship, advertisement, video coverage, music video production and film production, a branch was created in Yaoundé the political capital of Cameroon as a means to increase the market size and create more customer relationships. Also Noble Arts Entertainment film projects always tie with the United Nations sustainable development goals giving it a unique value proposition and position in the entertainment industry in Cameroon. Noble Arts Entertainment has over 25 short films and 2 feature films produced some which have been nominated for film festivals locally and internationally like the Cameroon International film festival (CAMIFF), UDADA film festival, Red Feather Awards just to name a few. The transformation process for Noble Arts Entertainment has met lots of successes with well acclaimed projects like the movie “IN 72 HOURS” and “STANDARD 7” as well as triggered new decisions like the decision to create another branch in the economic capital of Cameroon Douala by 2020. Currently Noble Arts Entertainment has an active number of 25 actors being trained in film making for development as we as theatre for the oppressed.

With the Noble Hand initiative, founded and coordinated by Nkamnang Ashley with the aim of bringing together aspiring leaders, building the potentials of children between the ages of 7 to 17 years as well as educate youths on the importance of voluntary services and also organizing impactful seminars and conference on themes like peace and security, gender equality, and reducing inequality.

Products and Services

Noble Arts Entertainment offers a broad range of entertainment services and products all of high quality in terms of Video Coverage of events, Movie Production, Music production, Designing of African wears, advertisement and product launching...

Company Goals

  1. Operate and increase sales in its services in order to add up the market potentials of the company by 25% every year.
  2. Serve as a consultancy firm to other companies especially in the field of marketing and product launching
  3. Increase the supply of Cameroonian films, arts and music in the Northwest Region and Cameroon as a whole.

Target Market

The entertainment industry in Cameroon has recently experienced growth. Noble Arts wants to establish a large customer base, and will therefore concentrate its business and marketing to television channels, local residents which will establish a healthy consistent revenue base to ensure stability of the business.

Mission Statement

The mission of Noble Arts Entertainment is to provide top quality movies and music and apply deep connections in every market we serve to create superior value for our stakeholders and to train entertainers with the tools they need to better understand both the challenges and complexities embedded in the global marketplace, and to develop the vision for how they can make a difference in the fields of business, academia and economic policy.

Company Vision

With honesty and integrity, the company will be the company that best understands and satisfies customer needs with quality films, music in Cameroon, Central Africa and the World at large.



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