Almost A Night Awards is an award show which was created in 2016 to recognize and support the talents of young people in the northwest region. Unlike many other awards, the event is dedicated to shinning a light on young people creating impact in the northwest.

November, 2019

The award cuts across entertainment to civic leadership. The event celebrates young talents, and in a bit to bridge the gap between already established entertainers and the young talents, every edition, an A-list entertainer is brought to the event to inspire, motivate and mentor the younger entertainers in their career path. The award show also serves as a platform where first timers get to perform and relate with the public of Bamenda. The past two editions have bought over 800 people in the North West and has served as a platform for over 45 young artist. The vision is to groom and bring up the next generation of young people who will lead, change and impact lives positively with their talents. The award categories include, Best Actor and Actress for the North west region, Life time achievement awards, Best Humanitarian awards, Best upcoming artist, Best song of the year, Best female artist, Best upcoming actor and actress, Best script writer just to name a few. So far the A-list entertainers who have been there to support the younger entertainers include, Libota McDonald, Epule Jeffery, Pascal (Yung King), Seehofor Roland, Ak st Ralph amongst others. The third edition of Almost A Night Awards is scheduled to take place this year 2019 December and is open to partnerships and sponsorships.